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AEF is dedicated to conservation efforts across the globe, and I’m guessing that most of our readers are, too. This coming Wednesday is Earth Day and it gives each one of us a way to play a role in the future of our planet.

Rebecca O’Connor has been a great friend to AEF, and she works for the conservation nonprofit Ducks Unlimited. If you want to make a donation somewhere in honor of Earth Day, consider helping Ducks Unlimited. Donating through this link will help Rebecca meet her personal goal of raising $1000 in donations.

Many of you have read or heard of our experiences at training workshops provided by Natural Encounters Inc (NEI). Many of the shows produced by NEI raise funds for the Natural Encounters Conservation Fund (NECF), a nonprofit organization that grants funds to conservation efforts worldwide. So, you may want to think about NECF on Wednesday.

There are so many great groups out there. Some have the goal of land conservation (Rainforest Action Network), and others are aimed at animals or specific species (World Parrot Trust, Peregrine Fund, International Rhino Foundation). If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could organize a fundraiser to benefit one of the many great organizations. Any help you can give these or other organizations (more organizations on our “links” page) will be greatly appreciated.

Due to economic circumstances, it may not be financially possible for many to contribute money at this time. There are many other ways to get involved! For example, cleanup efforts are going on across the country — get involved in the Great American Cleanup. Visit the Earth Day Network to learn about the many other events going on across the country and find out what is going on near you.  You could volunteer your time with a local organization, help promote a cause, or go to a local nature center and find out about your local ecosystem. A little bit from each of us will make a great difference for all!

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