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Now we have a blog!

Well, AEF has finally entered the blogoshpere!  We’ll have a few contributors.  Hopefully, they will give us something good on a fairly regular basis.  I’m also envisioning having some special guest bloggers, too.  But time will tell on that one.  We are all really busy working on the Symposium and LLP.  Gathering sponsors, marketing, advertising, etc.  I’m sure July is going to come too quick.  Aside from that major event, we have some other really exciting projects in the works.  Look for announcements as they become finalized.

Green Heron – Photo Credit:Charles H. Warren

What did I learn today? Green herons will use food bait to lure fish!  Apparently, this is not so new news.  It’s been documented at least as far back as 1958.  They will forage for worms and even break up sticks to use as bait.   Another species that shows tool making behavior!


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